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New Silver Bird Smart Gel


 Bird Smart Gel – Inten’s fast, effective and humane pest control for pigeons.

If your site is peppered with pigeons (and pigeon droppings) it is both unsightly and a health hazard, as birds can carry a number of infectious diseases that are transmittable to humans.  This coupled with the fact that uric acid in the droppings can damage the finish on buildings, cars etc means that the pigeons have got to go!

As well as more traditional methods, Inten can install their Bird Smart Gel which is a humane and effective method of dealing with pigeons. It works in the following ways:

  • Immediately prevents roosting, as the pigeons see the gel as fire
  • The smell and taste of the gel is repellent to the birds
  • Does not kill or trap birds
  • Is harmless to humans
  • Installation is unobtrusive – no unsightly bird spikes on the outside of your building
  • Long lasting effects mean the pigeons stay away long term
  • Can be used inside or outside

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