Corporate Responsibility

Health & Safety

Inten Ltd recognises its responsibility under Safety and Health legislation, and believes that incidents are preventable.

Health and safety is at the top of our agenda and we continually strive to prevent work related injuries and the ill-health of our employees and anyone associated with our activities, whilst also improving their wellbeing.

Inten Ltd maintains clearly defined management systems, interfaces and responsibilities that are understood and accepted by all. Maintaining effective oversight and scrutiny processes, we comply with corporative, legislative and other requirements and we always seek further improvements.

We have experienced and highly qualified Health & Safety management to ensure our policies and procedures are followed and monitored.

All our work is fully risk assessed, and Health & Safety packs are produced to ensure we capture and mitigate the hazards and risks specific to each project, and to comply with CDM regulations and the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Respect for people is innate within our company. We take into full consideration the needs and circumstances of all our employees, clients, colleagues and those we work with. We provide a safe working environment in which employees can continue their personal development and build a culture in which ethical business practice thrives.

To ensure our Health and Safety policy is implemented effectively we will:

  • Through visual and active leadership, ensure that employees are aware that working safely is a condition of their employment.
  • Identify and mitigate to an acceptable level, workplace safety and health hazards.
  • Ensure employees are trained to undertake the tasks required of them.
  • Ensure employees are empowered to act on concerns of unsafe practices.
  • Comply with the most recent Health and Safety legislation.
  • Strive for continual improvement in Health and Safety performance.
  • Provide all employees with relevant information on Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Rehabilitation and Wellbeing.
  • Ensure that senior management review the Health and Safety policy annually, or following a substantial incident or organisational change.

Our Health and Safety policy will be communicated to all our employees, specialist contractors working with us, and any other interested parties.


Inten is focused on sustainability.

Supporting our revised operating framework our updated Sustainability agenda, combines fresh ambitions for Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental management, and recognises that sustainable value creation is fundamental to business success.

Inten Ltd is committed to preventing environmental and social harm, replenishing our natural systems & renewable resources and having a positive impact on the communities and environments within which we operate.

To ensure effective implementation of this policy we will:

  • Identify and fulfil our compliance obligations, including under all legislation, standards and codes of practice, which are relevant to our business
  • Continue to improve our environmental and social performance through effective communication, provision of staff training and adoption of best available techniques
  • Continuously improve our environmental and corporate responsibility standards, tools and management system in order to achieve our environmental ambitions
  • Adhere to our Pollution Prevention Principles for land, air and water to avoid causing harm, and/or to restore where necessary, the environments within which we operate.
  • Adhere to our social impact mission to positively contribute to a lasting, positive legacy in all the communities and contracts we serve.
  • Operate a responsible supply chain, working with suppliers to raise environmental performance standards and ethical practices together
  • To source, purchase and use resources and materials in line with our sustainable principles
  • Help to maintain a healthy environment for future generations by protecting natural resources and enhancing biodiversity on sites and premises where we hold responsibility or can influence those that do
  • Be a respectful neighbour by minimising the impact that our activities, sites and premises have on local communities
  • Support our customers’ environmental performance by offering sustainable choices, opportunities for continuous improvement, and reducing the environmental impact during the operational phase of a project

Inten’s senior management will review this policy periodically, or following a major operational or organisational change, and establish objectives and targets that are consistent with our strategy.
This policy will be communicated to all our employees and specialist contractors working with us.

Modern Slavery Statement

Inten is a leading UK construction and refurbishment company, operating across a range of commercial sectors, including Hospitals, Banks and Building Societies, Government Buildings, Retail and Business Parks to name but a few. A full description of the business and services we offer can be found within this website.

We have relationships with a number of specialist contractors and, frequently their employees will be working on our sites, in addition to our own employees. We also have good relationships with our manufacturers, suppliers and distributors which, in turn, will source products from their respective supply chains.

Our policies

We have a number of policies which are designed to manage the risks relating to modern slavery and human trafficking issues, including our Code of Conduct, the Whistleblowing Policy and the Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.

These policies confirm our ‘zero tolerance’ approach to modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity and to maintaining systems and controls which are designed to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking from taking place in our business or across our supply chain. Our Whistleblowing Policy provides a mechanism for our employees and others working in our supply chain to report suspected breaches of these policies.

The risks relating to modern slavery and human trafficking can apply anywhere in our operations, whether through direct employment, sub-contracted employees or the supply of goods and materials. We expect our suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in their supply chain. If issues are identified (including through our audit process) which are not resolved to our satisfaction, we review the relationship with the relevant organisation.

Our approach to assessing and managing risk

  1. We have a Group-wide policy confirming our ‘zero tolerance’ approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.
  2. Our policies require that our sub-contractors and suppliers acknowledge their responsibility for adhering to our policies relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.
  3. We undertake periodic risk assessments to identify the key risks in our business and supply chain.
  4. We have issued minimum procurement standards for certain high-risk categories of materials and products. We keep these standards under review.
  5. Our contractual terms include obligations on our sub-contractors and suppliers to comply with our policies, including our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.
  6. Our policies require our sub-contractors and suppliers to complete an assessment to confirm that they comply with Inten’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach to modern slavery and human trafficking. We continue to work with three leading accreditation companies in the UK (namely Chas, and Constructionline) to develop the common standards applicable to our employees, our specialist contractors and suppliers.
  7. We undertake checks on new recruits to ensure that they are eligible to work in the UK.
  8. We continue to deliver training to employees on the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and how to take steps to mitigate these.
  9. We monitor the effectiveness of our actions against the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking, for example by reviewing our policies and our procurement standards and implementing an audit programme (see point 10 below).
  10. We undertake audits of certain key supply chain partners to assess their controls and learn from best practice. We undertake detailed reviews of a sample of those audits.


Inten believes that integrity is of paramount importance and it is a core value to the company. We expect all those who work closely with us, to behave with integrity at all times.

Our decision making is linked to ethical values, compliance with corporative, legislative and other requirements but also being prepared to seek further improvements.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to sustain the business relationships we already have and grow them to maximise their potential, whilst retaining competence and quality in our service delivery and maintaining the reputation of the company as a competent provider of a diverse range of services to meet the needs of our clients.  In addition it is our vision to grow the Company allowing it to thrive in the delivery of services to new contracts and for our profitability to reflect our met ambitions.


Our vision is to be a robust and enduring company, adaptable to legal and socioeconomic changes seamlessly whilst meeting the client’s needs unhindered. Our vision is to deliver with excellence our services to exceed our customer’s expectations, encompassing exemplary contract planning and delivery, quality of our works, H & S compliance, to exemplify our commitment to making this a safer industry to be involved in, with meaningful regard for the potential  environmental impact of our works and ensuring we are at the forefront of leading the way in working always with awareness of our environmental impact with measures to protect the environment in all the works we undertake and as an underlying philosophy throughout the Company.

Our vision is reliant on the sustainability of the business and its contracts, the environment, our workforces, even the industry at large. It is our vision by putting into action programs and fostering innovative and creative solutions we add value for our clients, communities and planet.